Get Started

Get Started is a 3-year multi-media arts project, working with Progress Housing across multiple independent living residences and centres in Leeds, who provide supported housing for people with learning disabilities and mental health needs. Artlink artists are working with residents and participants accessing these services in 3 month long projects, each culminating in a celebration event.

Projects Bryony has been involved with so far:

Wetherby Fulfilling Lives Centre, in collaboration with artist printmaker Milena Dragic. Weekly sessions explored movement and parachute games, sensory activities, drawing with food ingredients, making bubble sculptures, miniature garden making.

Bedford Place independent living accommodation, in collaboration with kinetic sculptor Jim Bond. Weekly sessions involved choreographing dances together, movement games, sculpture, urban walks, metal work, clay sculpture, light projection, mark making with drawing machines and wind fans.

Bewerley Croft Hostel, in collaboration with textile artist Christina Ingram. Weekly sessions involved object collecting, 3D and sun sensitive drawings, painting with wax and inks, screen printing, transparent chalk graffiti, T-shirt designing.

LiLAC ambassador group, in collaboration with writer Becky Cherriman. The monthly sessions explore ideas around storytelling, concrete poetry, animation, story boarding, sound mapping, urban exploring through creative writing activities.

Bramley Fulfilling Lives Centre, in collaboration with drama practitioner Ellie Tillotson. Weekly sessions involved developing new relationships between adult participants and year 6 children from Bramley Primary, exploring our identity through drama, movement and drawing activities. We shared stories about each other through film making and letter writing.

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Date: January 2014-2017
Locations: Progress Housing sites and day centres in Leeds
Participants: Adults with learning difficulties and mental health needs

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