Dancing In Lifts

An investigation into the lift, as a performance space, which is transitory, shifting and unfixed.

Salsa in Lifts
Location: Leeds Shopping Centres
Public interactive performances, with my salsa dress and salsa shoes at the ready I positioned myself in a public lift where I taught salsa moves. Members of the public could learn mambo and cacaracha steps while moving up and down in the lift space.

Dancing in Lifts
Location: Perambulator, New Work Yorkshire at Leeds Met Studio Theatre
An intimate durational performance inside a lift. At the moment somebody entered the lift, they become a part of an interactive dance game. Their response to a question dictated how the sequence of movement and stories unfolded. The performance lasted until the lift doors opened on another floor and people could exit or enter.

Link to film on YouTube

Date: 2007
Locations: Lifts in Leeds