Hosiery Posery

A collaborative performance project by Yvonne Carmichael and Bryony Pritchard, a playful critique of commercial representations of the female form. The unrealistic body shapes, unnatural poses and affected language from women’s tights packets are used as material for a short but surreal exercise routine that is performed in public..

Picture Gallery

Date: October - December 2014
Performed at: HOST Performance Festival at Art Licks Weekend (Oct 2014) Haggerstone Park, London IS/ISNT IT at Compass Live Art Festival (Dec 2014) Delius Arts Centre, Bradford
Performers: Kim Glassby, Gwenny Rose Robson, Rosemary Spencer, Niv Pisharoty, Becky Cherriman, Suzy Russell, Kamila Czul, Bryony Pritchard and Yvonne Carmichael