Sunny Bank Mills Residency

Twirl the twill, mirror the herringbone, waltz the hopsack

During a 3-month residency at Sunny Bank Mills, Bryony developed a new site-specific installation, sound and movement work through researching directly from the mill industrial heritage, with a focus on cloth designs and pin patterns found in the mill’s archive.

Through devising days and workshops, the project developed on site in collaboration with creative dancers, members of the public from adult community groups and mill workers.

The materials in the installation were made from mill equipment such as heald loom shafts that once were in operation in the mill.

The sound was created in collaboration with musician Matt Flint, creating a soundscape from recordings from interviews between Bryony and mill works, transforming weave patterns into sound using a Tenori-on Japanese electronic instrument.

During the National Open Heritage Weekend in September, the work was shared in the 1912 mill top floor, inviting the public and workshop participants to experience the installation alongside the performance and site tours led my mill directors William and John Gaunt.

The project was part of Sunny Bank Mills’ Colour and Community summer programme.

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Audience comments:

Heritage is hypnotic!

I rarely go to dance events, but if I do it goes over my head. But this, I used to work in a mill and the dancing made sense to me. I could appreciate it because I understood why.

My children created their own games on top of the chalk patterns. It brought the heritage to life for them.

Residency: July – September 2015
Community Workshops: Progress Housing Lilac Group, Craft Group Bramley Elderly Action and adult creative dance workshop and family weaving workshop.
Performed at:Sunny Bank Mills Farsley, Leeds, & Heritage Open Weekend
Performers:Alison Grace Clissold,Chemaine Cooke, Gerry Turvey, Gwenny Robson, Kim Glassby, Rosemary Spencer, Yvonne Carmichael and sound artist Matthew Flint
With thanks also to:Lucy Barker, Christina Holdsworth, Jane Kay