Cress Maze

Obsessed with cress

This maze was grown inside a large un-let shopping unit with little natural sunlight, no running water and no airflow. I was keen to explore if anything could grow inside this space and how long it would stay alive for. This living maze was grown in contrast to the commercial nature of the Leeds city centre.

‘Next to Nothing’ was a group exhibition containing contributions from over thirty individuals and collectives. Alongside the exhibition were evenings of music, performance and films held on and offsite as well as a collaborative fanzine that was available for free to take away from the exhibition.

Black Dogs is a DIY art collective, which I have been involved with since 2006. Always busy, talking, asking, planning, making and doing – there’s never a dull moment with Black Dogs.

Picture Gallery

Date: 2011
Location: Next to Nothing, an exhibition on the price of nothing and the value of everything. By Black Dogs at The Light Shopping Centre, Leeds
Materials: Cress, cotton wool, water, lemonade